If you’re hoping to get the 2020 Kia Soul EV, we have some bad news for you. Kia has revealed that the next-generation Soul EV has been delayed and won’t arrive in the US until sometime next year.

2020 Soul EV

Michael Cole, Kia America’s chief operating officer confirmed the bad news to WardsAuto. The issue has to do with supply and Kia’s need to sell more electric Soul EVs in Europe to avoid paying fines. Since the Soul EV sells in higher numbers in Europe than the US, Kia has decided to allocate more units to Norway and Germany.

“The global demand for electrification, particularly in Europe with their (carbon-dioxide) taxation, (is high). Everyone in Europe has by 2020 get to this 95 grams (of CO2 per 100 km target). The demand in other regions of the world for Niro product is extremely high,”  Cole stated.

When the Soul EV does arrive in the US, don’t expect it to be available everywhere, since Kia only plans to offer it in the 14 ZEV states.