A year after the introduction of the fully revamped Lincoln Navigator, it looks like Lincoln is ready to amp up the prices for the big SUV. Order guides have revealed that the pricing for the 2019 Lincoln Navigator starts at $74,500, which is $650 more than the 2018 Navigator.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

While the base 2019 Lincoln Navigator is getting a small increase, the pricing differences between the 2018 and 2019 Navigator get bigger as you move up the line up. The 2019 Navigator Select now starts at $78,850, which is $1,000 more than before, while the Navigator Reserve gets a big $3,500 increase to $86,500. On paper the 2019 Navigator Reserve is more expensive than the 2018 model, but if you look at the specs, you’ll notice that the Technology Package is now standard on the Reserve model, which was previously a $2,640 option.

The 2019 Navigator Black Label starts at $97,690, which is $2,190 more than the 2018 model. The Black Label now comes standard with 30-way power seats, which were previously a $1,250 option. At the top of the range, the extended 2019 Navigator L Black Label starts at $100,890.

Source: Cars Direct