Hyundai has released a new set of teasers of the 2018 Hyundai Kona sub-compact crossover and has finally confirmed a reveal date – June 13. The two new photos basically reveal the Kona, which gets a double headlight design, like the Nissan Juke and Hyundai’s cascading grille.

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Hyundai hasn’t released a lot of details yet, other than the fact that the Kona will offer the latest technology features and a new head-up display system. The new head-up display projects an eight-inch image with a luminance of 10,000 candela per square meter in front of the driver. Hyundai hasn’t announced what will power the Kona, but under the skin, the Kona will likely borrow parts from the Hyundai i20 and i30 models.

The Kona is Hyundai’s new entry in the crowded small crossover segment, but hopefully its “interesting” styling will make it stand out.

Source: Hyundai