Today gas is relatively cheap and all the buzz about the next-generation electric cars with their 300+ mile driving ranges, may keep you from buying an electric car today. While the Chevy Bolt has been a game changer thanks to its 200+ mile range and more accessible price, there are some draw backs, like its cheap feeling interior. If you don’t need to travel 200 miles in one day or maybe even two days, there may be some better options available, like the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf. If you’re in the market for an electric car, here are five reasons why the e-Golf should or shouldn’t be on your shopping list:

2It looks and feels like a regular Golf:

This is the e-Golf’s biggest selling point. If you don’t like the Nissan Leaf’s funky styling or the upright look of the Bolt, the e-Golf may appeal more to you, since it’s almost identical to the standard Golf. Most drivers won’t even notice the difference between the gas powered Golf and the e-Golf. The C-shaped LED daytime running lights and a rear bumper that’s missing conventional tailpipes are the two biggest differences. But once inside, most people won’t even notice that the e-Golf isn’t a regular Golf, since it’s just as spacious and comfortable as the regular model.