2016 Ford Taurus to Share its Platform with the Fusion

The next-generation 2016 Ford Taurus is going to arrive in the third-quarter of next year on a new lighter platform.

2014 Ford Taurus

News about the Ford Taurus has been pretty quiet the last few years since the Fusion has pretty much overshadowed the once popular sedan. Edmunds is reporting that next year Ford will release an all-new 2016 Taurus, which will share its platform with the Fusion.
Although the 2016 Taurus is going to share its platform with the Fusion, the platform will be lengthened and widened for the Taurus. The 2016 Taurus is also expected to be lighter and a new nine-speed automatic transmission will help make it more fuel efficient.

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The current Taurus is based on a modified Volvo platform, which is incredibly overweight. The focus on the next Taurus is to put it on a significant diet. It’s not known what will power the next Taurus, but we can expect it to be a very different animal when it arrives late next year.

Source: Edmunds