2012 Toyota Tacoma Photos Leaked in Promo Video

It seems like everyday there are new photos of an upcoming new model that leak onto the internet. We’ve seen photos of the 2012 Toyota Camry, Porsche 911 and Honda CR-V. Now we have the first unofficial photos of the revised 2012 Toyota Tacoma pickup.

Toyota already announced that a new Tacoma was coming this fall, but are these photos actually of the revised 2012 Tacoma? We’ll have to wait and see. These screen grabs are reportedly from a promo video for the 2012 Tacoma. If these photos are real, the Tacoma mainly gets changes up front. Toyota already said that the engines will largely carry over, but we have yet to see what changes take place on the inside.

2012_Toyota_Tacoma_Leak_2.jpg 2012_Toyota_Tacoma_Leak_3.jpg 2012_Toyota_Tacoma_Leak_4.jpg 2012_Toyota_Tacoma_Leak_5.jpg