2012 Porsche Boxster Could be Powered by a Three-Cylinder Engine

Porsche is currently working on the replacement for the Boxster, which is expected to be released late next year as a 2012 model and according to the latest reports Porsche could be working on a special fuel-efficient model.

There have been rumors that Porsche has been thinking about a lightweight, turbocharged four-cylinder for the 2012 Boxster, but model line director, Hans-Jurgen Wohler, recently revealed to Autocar that a three-cylinder is also possible. Using a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine in the next Boxster would help Porsche lower its fleet emissions due to the new higher standards in the US and Europe.

“A Boxster with a four-cylinder engine, or maybe even a three-cylinder turbo, could produce between 180 and 200 horsepower,” said Wohler. “Given the Boxster’s history–that it started with a 200 horsepower, 2.5-litre engine–I think this is possibly something that customers could accept.

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