2012 Honda Civic Si to Be Powered by a 2.4L Engine?

Honda’s all-new 9th generation Civic will be in showrooms this spring and although Honda unveiled concept versions of the new Civic at the Detroit Auto Show, we don’t know what changes lie under the hood. Temple of VTEC is now reporting that the Si model will get a bump in power due to a change to a 2.4L four-cylinder engine instead of the 2.0L that currently powers the Si models.

The 2.4L is expected to be very close to the 2.4L engine that powers the Acura TSX and although it’s displacement is larger than the 2.0L, horsepower numbers are expected to be close in the 200-210 hp range. The larger displacement engine does mean that the torque output should increase. Currently the 2.4L TSX mated to an automatic transmission has 201 hp and 170 lb-ft. of torque.

In case you are wondering about the lesser powered Civic models, it looks like they will continue to be powered by the same 1.8L that is currently in the 8th generation models. Of course it should be more fuel efficient.

2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_2.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_3.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_4.jpg 2012_honda_civic_coupe_concept_5.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_2.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_3.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_4.jpg 2012_honda_civic_sedan_concept_5.jpg

Full Story: Temple of VTEC

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