2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible Photos Leaked

We aren’t supposed to officially see the 2012 Chrysler 200 Convertible until it is officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show in March, but here are the first set of leaked photos.

From these photos it looks like Chrysler attempted to make many of the same changes to the convertible that the sedan received. The styling changes improve the convertible from the ugly Sebring, but not as much as one might have hoped.

Stay tuned…

2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_2.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_3.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_4.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_5.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_6.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_7.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_8.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_9.jpg 2012_chrysler_200_convertible_leak_10.jpg

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