2011 BMW 5 Series Touring Officially Unveiled

BMW has officially unveiled the wagon version of the new 5 Series. The 2011 5 Series Touring looks very close to the sedan, unlike the 5 Series Gran Turismo variant.

In Europe the 5 Series Touring gets two diesel and two gasoline engine choices. The least powerful is the diesel 520d Touring with 184-hp. The diesel 530d Touring puts out 245 horsepower. The two gasoline options are the 204-hp 523i Touring and the 306-hp 535i Touring. An eight-speed automatic transmission is optional with all of the engines.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the US will be getting this new 5 Series wagon, instead we have to make due with the 5 Series Gran Turismo.

2011_bmw_5series_touring.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring2.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring4.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring5.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring6.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring7.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring8.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring9.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring10.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring11.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring12.jpg 2011_bmw_5series_touring13.jpg