2010 Pontiac G8 ST Expected to Start in the Low $30,000 Range

Although rumors are circulating that the Pontiac G8 may be dead in five years (Pontiac has denied these rumors), Pontiac still has two new versions of the G8 to introduce. The G8 GXP will be in dealerships by the end of the year and the “truck” of the G8, the G8 ST will be released mid-2009.

According to Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson, the 6.0L V8 equipped G8 ST will be priced in the low $30,000 range when it hits dealerships next year. Hopson also hinted that there is a good chance that the G8 ST will also be available with a V6.

2010_g8_sport_truck3.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck4.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck5.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck6.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck7.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck8.jpg 2010_g8_sport_truck9.jpg

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