2010 Ford Mustang is Going to Look Smaller

With gas prices the way the are, small is quickly becoming the new black. Everything is downsizing. Driving a large car is so “un-cool” now. Ford knows this and is going to make its next-generation 2010 Mustang look smaller.

Ford’s North American design director, Peter Horbury, recently told the Automotive News that “We have a car which I think is more suitable for the times than the Challenger and the Camaro….Especially the Challenger — it is a huge car when you see it on the road.”

The next Mustang remains pretty much the same size as the current generation. Its width and length are virtually identical. The Challenger on the other hand is over ten inches longer than the current Mustang, but the Camaro concept is actually shorter than the Mustang.

It’s rumored that the next Mustang is going to get more fuel efficient powertrains as well such as the 3.5 liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6.

Full Story: eGMCarTech

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