2009 Kia Borrego Photos Leaked…Aren't Body-on-Frame SUV's on the Way Out?

Photos of Kia’s new 7-passenger Borrego SUV have shown up on the internet ahead of its official release at the Detroit Auto Show.

The 7-seater body-on-frame SUV is going to be on sale here in the US early next summer as a 2009 model. The Borrego is going to come standard with a V6 and a V8 will be optional.

Is Kia late to the party, since everyone is moving from body-on-frame SUVs to crossovers?

kia_borrego_image_leak_image004.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image005.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image006.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image007.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image010.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image011.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image012.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image013.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image015.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image017.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image018.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image019.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image020.jpg kia_borrego_image_leak_image021.jpg

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