2009 Audi R8 V10…the Uber-Audi!

Spy photographers have caught the first images of the V10 powered version of the Audi R8. Leftlane News has posted several photos showing the new car during testing.

The notable exterior changes are the larger side scoops that are needed to supply adequate air to the enlarged engine. The lower side sill also has been modified.

Horsepower specs are not known as well as the actual name for this uber-Audi. It is estimated that the enlarged engine should make about 80hp more than the 420hp in the standard version. The V10 is actually shared with the Lamborghini Gallardo, so the car may get a de-tuned version of the engine, so that it doesn’t compete with the Lamborghini. Although the new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, which has just been introduced has 522hp, so it remains to be seen what the actual horsepower figures will be for the Audi.

The name of this car could be called the R10 or R8 S.

Full Story: Leftlane News

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