2008 Scion xB and xD

2008 Scion xB and xD

Scion has released the new 2008 Scion xB and xD at the Chicago Auto Show.

xB: The new car is larger than the previous version and finally has more power. The car has been stretched and features the same 158 horsepower, 2.4l engine in the tC and Camry. The extreme boxiness from the last generation has been rounded a bit.

xD: This car replaces the slow selling xA, but it is built off the Yaris platform. It is also bigger than the old car and uses the same 128 horsepower, 1.8l engine as the Corolla. The rear seats also can slide back and forth six inches for extra legroom.

2008 scion xb

Both cars will come with a 160 watt stereo which is specifically designed for use with the iPod. They also only come in one trim level with the transmission type and stability control as the only options.

I think both cars look better than the previous versions. They look a little more upmarket. Pricing has yet to be released.