2008 Nissan GT-R Unveiled on the Cover of Motor Trend

SORRY GUYS! Motor Trend decided that we can’t show you the cover of the new issue even though some of you already have the hard copy. Inside Line released some more photos of the car so read the more recent post.

Although we are still only in October, some Motor Trend subscribers have already started to receive the December issue of Motor Trend. Gracing the cover of the issue is the much anticipated all-new 2008 Nissan GT-R.

According to Motor Trend the Nissan supercar reaches 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, a 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds and has a 192 mph top speed. The car is also going to be priced less than $80,000.

Other than that the details are scare. Expect full details of the car in the coming days. If anyone has actually received the new issue let us know what lies within.

Previous Spy Photos:
spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_20.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_30.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_50.jpg

Images from Gran Turismo 5:
nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image001.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image002.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image003.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image004.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image006.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image007.jpg

Full Story: Motor Authority

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