2008 Honda S2000 CR Starts at $36,935

Honda has announced the pricing for its 2008 Honda S2000 and S2000 CR. The S2000 starts at $34,935 and the S2000 CR starts at $36,935.

Both versions of the S2000 are powered by the same 2.2L engine that puts out 237 horsepower and 162 lb-ft. of torque.

The CR version is the ultimate racing version of the S2000. It has an aluminum roof that when it is removed saves 99 pounds. The S2000 CR also includes an aerodynamic body kit. Air conditioning is also optional on the CR since that also adds weight to the vehicle.
2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image006.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image007.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image008.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image009.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image011.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image014.jpg 2008_honda_s2000_cr_official_image001.jpg

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