2008 Honda Club Racer S2000 Unveiled…Will "Club Racers" Actually Buy It?

Honda has unveiled the new 2008 Honda Club Racer (CR) S2000. The new version of the car will be sold alongside the normal version that has been out since 2000. The new version has modications to the suspension and body to improve its overall track performance.

A quicker steering rack, stiffer springs and dampers, and larger sway bars are part of the modifications. Engineers also eliminated the soft top and in its place they placed more bracing to increase the rigidity of the car. A removable hardtop replaces the soft top. The front bumper and rear end has also been revised, with the addtion of a "large" spoiler.

No engine modifications were made. The new version will be in dealers by the end of the year and pricing has not been released.

Very disappointing. I was hoping for something more like a S2000 Type R if they ever were to make one. This looks like it was modified in the garage of a teenager.

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