2008 Honda Civic Type RR…The Most Powerful Civic gets 240HP

Honda has just announced that the Mugen version of the Honda Civic Si will be sold on our shores this fall. Although the car has a modified body, suspension and new wheels the car has been criticized for not having any real performance gains over the regular Civic Si. Well if you live in Japan you can actually buy a more powerful Civic from your local Honda dealer.

On September 13th Honda is going to release another version of the Civic dubbed the Honda Civic Type RR, in Japan. Japan already has a more powerful version of the Civic that we don’t get here in the US, the Civic Type-R. The Type-R is already more powerful than our Si model with 225HP and 158 lb-ft of torque. The new Type RR version will come with even more power at 240HP and 160 lb-ft of torque. The estimated 0-60 mph time for the more powerful version is 5.8 sec.

The RR version of the Civic is 22lbs lighter and gets a dual exhaust system. The car also has a modified suspension and braking system thanks to Mugen.

So what is the catch? Well the car lists for $40,000! Honda has stated that the Civic Si Mugen that we are getting this fall will start just shy of $30,000. Well $40,000 probably would be too much for a Civic, even if it has 43 more horsepower than the regular Si version. That probably explains why Honda is only going to make 300 of these cars and in only one color, red.

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