2008 Honda Accord Was the Best Selling Vehicle in the US Last Month…Surprised?

Honda released the all-new 2008 Honda Accord last September and it seems like most people, well at least people that make comments on here, said the car was ugly. Well it looks like the US buying public has spoken and the new Accord was not only the best selling car in the US last month, but the best selling vehicle.

Yes, that means that the Accord outsold the best-selling Camry and Ford’s F-Series pickups, which have been the best selling vehicles in the US for years. Due to the high gas prices, consumers no longer want large gas-guzzling trucks, which explains the decline in Ford’s sales. GM and Toyota are also having problems selling their own full size trucks, so it is not a surprise to see the F-Series lose its crown. The big surprise is that the Accord is outselling the Camry, which has been the best-selling car in the US since the late 90’s (it lost the title one year to the Accord in 2002). Last month, Honda sold 36,161 Accords, while Ford only sold 34,996 F-Series trucks and Toyota only sold 31,310. In addition to Accord outselling the Camry in March, it also outsold it in the first quarter of this year.

Is anyone surprised? Most people also said the new CR-V was ugly when it was redesigned for 2007, but it surprisingly is now the best-selling SUV in the US.

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2008 Honda Accord Sedan:
accord_sedan_white.bmp accord_sedan_white_side.bmp accord_sedan_rear.bmp accord_sedan_front.bmp accord_sedan_charcoal.bmp 2008hondaaccord22.jpg 2008hondaaccord29.jpg 2008hondaaccord11.jpg 2008hondaaccord25.jpg 2008hondaaccord20.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Coupe:
accord_coupe_blue.bmp accord_coupe_front_blue.bmp accord_coupe_rear.bmp accord_coupe_red_front.bmp accord_coupe_red.bmp 2008hondaaccordcoupe1.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe5.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe14.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Interior:
accord_dash.bmp accord_backseat.bmp accord_int_side.bmp accord_int.bmp accord_steering.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe19.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe18.jpg 2008hondaaccordcoupe17.jpg

2008 Honda Accord Engines:

08.honda.accord.sedan.eng.500.jpg 2008hondaaccord49.jpg