What Were the Top-10 Best Selling Cars in June 2011?

Half of 2011 is already over! Wow! Well here’s the list of the top-10 best selling cars in June.

June was a good month for many of the automakers. Chrysler’s sales were up 30%, Ford 14% and GM saw sales increase 10%. Nissan even saw its sales rebound with sales up almost 12%. Toyota and Honda are still feeling the effects from the earthquake and tsunami, with sales down 21%.

The top-10 list is still dominated by the Big 3, with only one Toyota making the list.

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Top 10 (June 2011):
1. Ford F-Series: 49,618
2. Chevy Silverado: 32,579
3. Chevy Cruze: 24,896
4. Chevy Mailbu: 23,737
5. Ford Escape: 22,274
6. Ford Focus: 21,385
7. Ram Pickups: 21,362
8. Toyota Camry: 21,375
9. Ford Fusion: 20,808
10. Hyundai Elantra: 19,992

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