VW Wants to Expand its SUV Lineup to Compete with Toyota and GM

In an effort to better compete with GM and Toyota VW is planning on expanding its current SUV lineup.

VW’s U.S. chief Jonathan Browning recently stated in a phone interview, “We will be looking to really grow, particularly in the compact SUV segment. Over time, I think there’s also scope for growth in terms of a larger SUV within the portfolio.”

VW current SUV lineup consists only of the compact Tiguan and the full size Touareg. In 2010 VW sold 20,946 Tiguans and 4,713 Touaregs. Of all vehicles sold in the US, 29 percent are SUVs and crossovers. Adding more SUVs to its lineup is part of VW’s plan to sell one million vehicles in the US by 2018.

Full Story: Bloomberg

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