VW Rabbit TDI Will be Offered in the US by Fall 2009…Where's the Tiguan Diesel?

VW recently unveiled the all-new VW Golf aka Rabbit in the US. Know comes word that the diesel version of the new Golf will be offered in the US by this time next year.

VW recently released the TDI version of the Jetta in the US. So far demand has been high for the diesel version of the Jetta and VW hopes to duplicate that success with diesel versions of its other popular models. Before the US gets the Rabbit TDI, we wil get a diesel version of the Touareg SUV in March 2009. This is the same time that the new Rabbit will start showing up here as well. The Touareg will be powered by a 3.0L V6 diesel engine.

By fall 2009 the Rabbit will be offered with a 2.5L five-cylinder gas engine or a 2.0L diesel engine in the US.

There is still no word when a diesel Tiguan will be offered in the US.

2009_volkswagen_golf_new2.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new3.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new4.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new5.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new6.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new7.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new8.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new9.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new10.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new11.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new12.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new13.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new14.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new15.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new16.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new18.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new17.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new19.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new20.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new21.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new22.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new23.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new24.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new25.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new26.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new27.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new28.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new29.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new30.jpg 2009_volkswagen_golf_new31.jpg

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