VW Polo WRC Could Lead to a 200-HP Polo R in 2013

VW could be working on a high-performance version of the VW Polo due to the introduction of the Polo R WRC rally car.

VW board member Ulrich Hackenberg recently told Autocar that the introduction of the Polo R WRC into the 2013 World Rally Championship makes the chances of a production Polo R more likely.

“You can see how the World Rally Championship programme would increase the probability of an R version of the base model [Polo]“, he said: “It is with the rally program, not before it. I can’t give a precise date, but it’s along those lines.”

So the chances are high for a Polo R, but it won’t come before 2013. The Polo R is expected to be powered by a 1.4L with around 200 horsepower. Hopefully by the time that the Polo R is released, the Polo will be on sale in the U.S.

volkswagen_polo_r_wrc_2.jpg volkswagen_polo_r_wrc_3.jpg volkswagen_polo_r_wrc_4.jpg volkswagen_polo_r_wrc_5.jpg

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