VW "NMS" to Replace Passat and Phaeton Returns to the US

Volkswagen of America president Stefan Jacoby recently confirmed that the upcoming sedan codenamed “NMS” will replace the Passat in the US. The new sedan is to be built at Volkswagen’s new facility in Tennessee.

Jacoby admitted that the current Passat is too small for American car buyers. The new sedan will be introduced in about two years and arrive as a 2012 or 2013 model.

In addition to the news about the Passat, Jacoby also stated that pulling the Phaeton from the US market after the 2006 model year was a mistake. “You need to be patient to enter a new segment.” The new Phaeton is expected to arrive by the end of next year in Europe. Jacoby did not state when it will be sold in the US again.

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