VW Microbus is Coming Back!….Well Maybe

In 2001 VW unveiled the Microbus concept. The response was so positive that it was destinged for production in 2005, but it was eventually killed due to costs…well now it looks like VW may be thinking about reviving it.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald the VW Microbus idea has been renewed. A senior VW exec told the newspaper “We’re looking at ways to produce the Microbus that will make it competitive in North America.”

If the Microbus does make it into production it is likely that it will be built at VW’s new Chattanooga that is set to build a new four-door sedan in 2011 for North America. VW has confirmed that the automaker is considering production of a second vehicle at the plant, but stopped short of giving any details of what this vehicle could be.

If VW does indeed bring back the Microbus it would be more exciting than the 2009 VW Routan aka Chrysler Town and Country minivan.

Do you think VW should resurrect the Microbus?

2001_vw_microbus_concept2.jpg 2001_vw_microbus_concept3.jpg

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