VW Kills the Rabbit Nameplate…Again!

Over 30 years ago, the successor of the VW Beetle, the Golf was dubbed the Rabbit in the US. So while the rest of the world had the Golf, we had the the same vehicle as the Rabbit. Eventually the Rabbit name was killed due to quality issues with the first generation, and we got the Golf in the US.

Three years ago VW decided to revive the Rabbit nameplate, “Volkswagen customers want a relationship with their cars. Names like The Thing, Beetle, Fox, and Rabbit support this.”

Well the sales proved that US customers didn’t really care about the Rabbit nameplate, so it looks like its back to Golf for the next generation.

“The car will be called the Golf again in North America,” Jochen Sengpiehl, executive director of Volkswagen marketing, recently told Motor Trend.

Full Story: Motor Trend

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