Tesla has officially started production of the mass market Tesla Model 3 electric car, which starts at an attainable $35,000. Volkswagen has been very vocal about its goals to topple Tesla with its new range of EVs and now VW’s chief strategist has revealed that its upcoming electric car will be between $7,000 – $8,000 cheaper than the Model 3.

VW’s Thomas Sedran revealed to Automobil Produktion that the production version of the ID hatchback will be up to $8,000 cheaper than the Model 3, largely thanks to significantly decreasing battery prices. Sedran expects lithium-ion battery prices to drop from the current price of 150 – 200 euros per kilowatt hour to under 100 euros.

We still have a few years until the ID hatchback arrives, which is slated for the 2020 model year. When it does arrive it will have a driving range around 250 miles and be based on VW’s new MEB platform. The MEB platform will be used for a range of new EVs, including the ID Crozz crossover and the new Microbus.

Source: Automobil Produktion