VW Cancels Plans to Bring the GTI Edition 35 to the US

It was reported earlier this month that VW had plans to bring the GTI 35 Edition to the US, thanks to a Car and Driver source. The GTI 35 Edition features 35 more horsepower than the current GTI and has a slightly tweaked front fascia and new 18-inch wheels. A source told Car and Driver that VW had plans to bring the model to the US under a different name, since the GTI has not been on sale in the US for 35 years.

Now the same source is saying that it’s not going to happen. Why? It looks like VW of America doesn’t want the special edition GTI. VW of America doesn’t see the need to offer a special edition GTI since it already sells well over here. There are also reports that the sport seats in the special edition GTI are not federally approved and the front fascia is too low for American roads.

Too bad… we just have to wait until the 265-hp Golf R makes it here.

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