Volkswagen recently revealed that it is not working on a next generation Beetle, but that doesn’t mean that the Beetle is going to disappear from its lineup right away. According to a Volkswagen spokeswoman, VW has no plans to discontinue the car in the U.S.

2018 VW Beetle

Obviously the Beetle will eventually go away if VW has no plans to build a new one, but it likely won’t happen until VW’s next retro themed model debuts – the microbus inspired I.D. Buzz. Convertible fans will have to make due with the upcoming T-Roc convertible, which is due in 2020.

For now it looks like the Beetle might have a few more years in it, but with sales continuing to decline, now’s the time to get one if you have had your eye on one. Last year VW only sold 15,166 Beetle models in the United States, which was down 3.2%.

Source: USA Today