Volvo CEO, Hakan Samuelsson just tweeted out a photo of a camouflaged 2019 Volvo S60, which is being tested in Norway. His tweet didn’t reveal too much, other than the fact that he confirms that the next-generation S60 will be built at Volvo’s plant in South Carolina.

The tweet gives us a preview of the exterior of the 2019 S60, which from the front looks nearly identical to the 2019 V60 that debuted last week. It’s too bad that the tweet didn’t reveal the rear of the S60 prototype, since it’s still up in the air about how much the S60’s rear end will look like the larger S90.

The 2019 S60 is expected to debut this summer and we can expect the new sedan to share its same powertrains with the V60 wagon, including its plug-in hybrid options.

Source: Twitter