Volkswagen Wants to Sell 1 Million Cars in the US by 2018

VW has vowed to close the large gap between itself and Toyota within the next ten years. Part of this new plan is to increase sales to 1 million units in the US by 2018. The automaker hopes to reach this lofty goal by focusing on four core vehicles.

The four core vehicles will be two high volume sedans that will replace the current Jetta and Passat (really?) the new Tiguan SUV and a mid-sized SUV. The replacements for the Jetta and Passat will be better aligned to compete with the Honda Civic and Accord sedans.

VW is also going to lower their prices. Currently VW prices their vehicles 10 percent above their rivals, instead the automaker is going to lower it to 5 percent above their Japanese rivals.

In addition to the new models, VW is also going to focus on the new diesel technology and continue to create niche vehicles for Audi.

Last year VW only sold 235,140 vehicles. The automaker hopes to raise that number to 800,000 with an addition 200,000 coming from Audi.

Full Story: eGMCarTech

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