Volkswagen Tries to Build a 200-MPG Car…Again

Five years ago VW unveiled its 222 mpg concept car, dubbed “1-Liter Car”. The company is now looking at reviving the project.

According to the company the car can be built, due to technological advances in materials and a reduction in overall costs. Apparently the cost for the materials would only be around $6,775 down from the earlier estimate of $47,400.

The original specs of the car consisted of an 8.5 horsepower, 299 cc one-cylinder engine. Those specs would probably have to be beefed up if it were to make it to production. The overall size of the car may also be an issue, considering the fact that it is a lot smaller than other cars on the road. But it is good to see that some manufacturers are trying to make a difference. Hopefully the final result will be able to not suffer the same fate as the Honda Insight.

Full Story: Jalopnik