VIDEO: The VW Beetle Inspires a Dog to Get in Shape in VW's Super Bowl Spot

Volkswagen has revealed the extended version of its new Super Bowl commerical. The extended 75-second spot “The Dog Strikes Back,” features an overweight dog named Bolt who is inspired to whip himself into shape by the power and performance of the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. When Bolt is unable to fit through the doggie door to chase after the Beetle, he decides to get himself in shape by working out. VW_Game_Day_Commercial2.jpg

“We believe this spot underscores the Volkswagen brand’s unmatched advertising legacy. It manages to highlight the redesign and performance of the Beetle with the lighthearted touches that viewers expect from the VW brand,” said Mike Sheldon, CEO, Deutsch LA, Volkswagen’s creative Agency of Record.

The end of the spot recalls VW’s Star Wars commercial from last year’s game, “The Force.”