VIDEO: Honda Engineer Explains the Influence Behind the 2011 CR-Z Hybrid

It’s quite obvious after its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show this month, the media is largely disappointed with the Honda CR-Z. Ever since the concept was unveiled many of us saw it as a spiritual successor the much loved CR-X. It brought back so many fond memories of my old 88′ yellow CR-X Si. Well the fact that even with a hybrid powertrain it only manages to put out 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft. of torque left many of us wanting more. The fact that it only manages to get a combined rating of 37 mpg made it even worse. Well now there is a video with one of the engineers that worked on the CR-Z explaining what the inspiration was behind the car.

Some quotes:
-“The basic concept of this car is fun-to-drive.”
-“During the development of the CR-Z we have driven many cars and have also bought several cars for comparison and benchmarking – the Mini, the Scirocco, but also a Lotus
-“set the body stiffness at a similar level to that of a Civic Type R.”

The media has yet to get behind the wheel of the CR-Z, so it’s not yet known if it will actually be “fun-to-drive.” The only thing going for it now is the available six-speed manual transmission.

2011_cr-z_3.jpg 2011_cr-z_8.jpg 2011_cr-z_11.jpg 2011_cr-z_10.jpg 2011_cr-z_12.jpg 2011_cr-z_13.jpg 2011_cr-z_14.jpg 2011_cr-z_15.jpg 2011_cr-z_16.jpg 2011_cr-z_17.jpg 2011_cr-z_18.jpg 2011_cr-z_5.jpg 2011_cr-z_2.jpg 2011_cr-z_4.jpg 2011_cr-z_7.jpg

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