VIDEO: 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe Hits the Track

If you’re in love with the 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe you will definitely love this 11 minute video that features the new coupe side by side with the original E30 M3.

Fast forward to about six minutes in and the coupe comes alive!

2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_2.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_3.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_4.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_5.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_6.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_7.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_8.jpg 2012_bmw_1seriies_m_coupe_9.jpg 2012_bmw_1series_m_coupe_10.jpg 2012_bmw_1series_m_coupe_11.jpg 2012_bmw_1series_m_coupe_13.jpg 2012_bmw_1series_m_coupe_14.jpg 2012_bmw_1series_m_coupe_15.jpg

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