Just a week ago it was reported that PepsiCo placed an order for 100 Tesla Semi trucks, which follows other companies, like Walmart, Anheuser-Busch and J.B. Hunt. Now UPS has placed its own order for the electric semi truck and its the biggest yet from a single company with UPS raising its hand for 125 trucks.

tesla semi

“These groundbreaking electric tractors are poised to usher in a new era in improved safety, reduced environmental impact, and reduced cost of ownership,” stated Juan Perez, chief information and engineering officer at UPS.

This isn’t the first time that UPS has looked at alternative fuel sources for its fleet, which includes biomethane, natural gas, ethanol and propane. UPS has also set a goal that one in four of the vehicles it buys starting in 2020 will use an alternative fuel. One in four vehicles may not sound like that much, but UPS currently uses around 8,500 vehicles around the world.

tesla semi

UPS will use the 125 Tesla Semi trucks to test the technology in its fleet. The trucks will also mainly only be tested in the United States.

Source: Reuters