Upcoming Toyota/ Subaru Coupe Loses 40 HP

There have been so many rumors about Toyota/ Subaru’s upcoming RWD coupes. The latest reports are claiming that the 086A coupe is going to get a significant power drop to make it more economical with lower emissions and to be be branded as an “eco car” in Japan.

The 2.0L boxer four-cylinder is now expected to put out around 160 hp, which is 40 less than earlier reports. Even though the engine’s power is being downgraded, Toyota and Subaru have managed to cut the vehicle’s weight, boosting the power-to-weight ratio. Subaru no longer sells the 2.0L boxer engine in any of its US-spec models, so hopefully the US-spec 086A will also be powered by the 2.5L instead of the de-powered 2.0L.

The coupe is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall, but these latest reports now make it seem like the “green” movement has stepped in and the overall buyer demographic is now going to be older than originally planned. Toyota and Subaru have reportedly revised their marketing plans to target the 30-50 year old target market. Many people in this age range will probably remember the old AE86 Corolla.

The production version is expected to be released by the end of 2011.

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