Upcoming Audi RS6 May Produce Over 600HP! Is That Too Much?

In the past Japanese automakers had to downplay the actual horsepower ratings of their vehicles due to certain laws in Japan. This meant that many of Japan’s high-performance vehicles all had around 274-276 horsepower, even though they were obviously capable of much more. Well Audi seems to be doing the same thing with the upcoming RS6.

It was recently discovered that the upcoming RS6 is going to have a reported 571 horsepower, but upon closer examination it looks like the new car actually has over 600HP. 571HP is going to be the number that Audi claims, but in actuality the twin-turbo V10 will put out around 610HP. If this is true the Audi RS6 will have more horsepower than the Corvette ZO6, BMW M6, Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari F430 Scuderia and other models. Is that too much? Who actually needs that much horsepower?

Full Story: Motor Authority

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