Toyota's Reliability Plummets While Ford Moves up in the Ranks

According to Consumer Reports, Toyota’s predicted reliability has slipped from the previous number one spot, while Ford has moved up.

The new report by CR is a shock to many Toyota faithfuls as their beloved brand has slipped in reliability. The Toyota Camry V6, Tundra V8 4WD and Lexus GS AWD have all been bumped from the “recommended” list due to their below average scores.

In the past Consumer Reports has based the reliability of future Toyota’s on the past performance of older models. This practice has ended, which has resulted with the decrease of Toyota’s overall reliability now below Honda who now sits in the number one spot. Toyota, which includes Scion and Lexus holds the number three spot behind Honda and Subaru.

Although it seems that Toyota has placed less emphasis on quality and reliability lately, Ford has shown large gains. 41 out of 44 of Ford’s products scored average or better than average for predicted reliability. In addition the Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Ford F-150 V6 2WD were three of the only four “domestic” models that earned the “most reliable” title.

Overall domestic automakers still have a way to go since 20 of the 44 models that received the “least reliable” title were domestic models. But at least some automakers are working hard to change their products for the better.

Full Story: Consumer Reports

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