Is Toyota getting ready to expand the Corolla lineup in the US with the addition of a Corolla wagon? Possibly. Toyota recently trademarked the “Toyota BZ” name, which might be used for the more versatile Corolla wagon, which is already sold in Europe and other markets outside the US.

2019 Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

The GR86 forums discovered the trademark, which was filed on May 22, along with the Capstone name. It’s rumored that the Corolla BZ could be the US version of the Corolla Touring Sports, which is the name of the Corolla wagon sold in other markets.

Toyota has yet to even hint at the possibility of a Corolla wagon in the US, but if does bring it here, the Corolla wagon will have very few rivals, since right now only luxury brands, like Audi and Volvo offer long roof models.

What’s the Capstone name for? That’s a little more up in the air, but it’s speculated that it could be for a new off-road trim.