Toyota Wants the Big 3 To Survive?

According to Steve St. Angelo, head of Toyota’s Kentucky assembly plant and senior vice president in charge of engineering and manufacturing for North America, if one of the “Big 3” automakers were to die it would be devastating to Toyota and the industry as a whole.

St. Angelo stated “We want everyone to succeed…competition is good for us. The customers are the big winners, because it makes all of us better.”

He also stated that Ford, GM and Chrysler share many of the same suppliers with Toyota. If the suppliers start having issues with one of the Big 3 it will also affect Toyota.

“When GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota are healthy, the economy is stable and it’s the best for all of us,” St. Angelo stated. According to St. Angelo Toyota wants to help the Big 3 as much as they can under current US guidelines.

“When any of our competitors want to come to our plants, we let them,” he said. “We really don’t want anybody to go bankrupt.”

“If you really look at the leaders of the Detroit Three, they’re some of the finest leaders that this business has ever had,” St. Angelo said. “I hope and I think that they’ll come out of this. It would help our company. It would help America. It would help our suppliers. It would help everyone.”


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