Toyota Tundra Prototype Spotted…What are they Testing?

Thanks to “avid” reader Aaron we have a photo of a Toyota Tundra prototype that was testing in Orange County, CA today.

I’ve looked at the photo, but it doesn’t look like anything but a stripped down version of the current CrewMax. Maybe there is something special under the hood? The truck was followed by a few Lexus LS460 sedans all wearing manufacturer plates.

This is what Aaron said about the truck:

“Guessing here. Allot of sniffers up the tailpipe, and it was VERY quiet. There where 3 tundra’s total. 2 where white. The other 2 didn’t have sensors up the tailpipe, I didn’t even see a tailpipe!”

What do you guys think? Is there something that the new Tundra is lacking that you hope that Toyota is working on? A diesel powerplant?

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