Toyota to Expand its Coupe Line Up with CT 200h Coupe, Supra Successor and LFA Tokyo Edition

Toyota once had coupes like the Celica and Supra, but its been years since Toyota has had anything its lineup to satisfy those wanting a high-performance coupe. That is obviously going to change with the introduction of the rear-wheel-drive FT-86, but it’s being reported that Toyota is also working on some new projects.

This fall Toyota is expected to take the wraps off the Lexus LFA Tokyo Motor Show Edition, which is going to get an exposed carbon fiber roof and rear spoiler. Not everyone can afford the LFA supercar, so there is a rumor that Toyota’s engineers are working on a successor to the Supra. Of course the rumor has been denied, but it’s being reported that a new rear-wheel-drive coupe is going to be released by 2014.

An additional coupe is also in the works for Lexus that will be a front-wheel-drive model, which could possibly be a coupe version of the CT 200h.

Lastly its also being reported that future Toyota/ Lexus high-performance models will switch from naturally aspirated engines like the IS F and LFA currently use, to smaller turbocharged engines.

The only bad news is the new report that it looks like plans for the LFA Roadster have been canned…

Car Magazine