Toyota Supra Reportedly in the Works with 400-HP Hybrid System

Rumors are continuing to circulate that Toyota is going to bring the Supra back to life. If you remember the Supra was killed off in the 1990’s, but now that Toyota is back in the sports car market with the GT-86, a new Supra is a possibility.

According to Motor Trend, Toyota is working on a successor to the Supra that is being tested with a a 3.5-liter V-6 hybrid system that packs more than 400 horsepower. Toyota is reportedly waiting to see how well the GT-86 does before the Supra gets the green light, which means it most likely won’t come out until 2015.

The Supra successor is reportedly also going to take styling cues from the FT-HS concept that you see here, that debuted in 2007.

Let’s hope the GT-86 does well!



Motor Trend