Toyota Prius Fails Emissions Test!

Apparently the environmentally friendly Toyota Prius has failed emissions tests in the state of Georgia. 2007 is the first year that drivers of the 2004 Prius are required to get emissions tests and drivers of the cars are finding out they are not passing the tests.

It is ironic that the “green” car is failing emissions tests, but it is not an issue with the car, instead of with the actual testing equipment in Georgia. When the car is set to 2,500 rpm during the test, the engine automatically shuts off. Something that the car is designed to do, during normal driving. Since the equipment is not designed for this, it states the test as incomplete and gives the car a failing grade.

Rather than fix their equipment, the state of Georgia charges the owners $25 for an “aborted test”. That allows the drivers to then go to one of five centers where they can get a waiver for the new license plates.

So instead of fixing the issue and not causing extra stress to the drivers of the Prius, they would rather charge them an extra $25 for being environmentally friendly…interesting…

Full Story: Autoblog

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