Toyota has been pretty quiet about its future EV plans, but a new report says that Toyota is preparing a new electric car that will be introduced in 2022. The new Toyota EV will use a solid-state battery and be able to recharged in a few minutes.

According to the Chunichi Shimbun daily, the new Toyota EV will be built on a new platform and have a driving range on par or better than its rivals. The use of new solid-state batteries is a big change from the lithium-ion batteries that currently power today’s EVs. Solid-state batteries could soon show up in several new EVs, since the batteries have greater energy density and faster charging times. Plus solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes than than liquid ones, which make them safer than lithium-ion batteries.

In the past Toyota hasn’t been very supportive of fully electric vehicles and instead decided to push its energy towards fuel cell vehicles, like the Mirai. Last year Toyota came to its senses and announced that it would be developing a new fully electric car. The new EV will reportedly go on sale in Japan first.

Source: Reuters