Toyota is Considering a Prius Sub-Brand to Compete with Chevy and Honda

There were rumors a while ago that Toyota was considering a small lineup of Prius branded hybrid vehicles…well it looks like Toyota execs have put the topic back on the table.

Just as Toyota did with the Scion brand, Toyota could also do something similar with the Prius. It was rumored a while ago that Toyota was considering three different Prius branded models. The current Prius and then one new smaller model and one larger like the Camry hybrid. With the unveiling of the Honda Insight and Chevy Volt, Toyota may be thinking about ways that the automaker can stay ahead of its competition. It would make sense, since the new Honda Insight is smaller than the Prius and undercuts it in price as well. A smaller “Prius” model would give Toyota something else to go head to head with Honda.

An all new Prius is going to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January and will be released some time after that. Honda’s newest hybrid, the Insight is going to be released in April 2009.

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