Toyota is Already Offering a Rebate on the All-New Tundra!

According to the Wall Street Journal Toyota is offering a $1500 rebate on the base Tundra. The rebate is going to last the entire month of March. This shows that most Tundra buyers are not interested in the base model, since the rebate is not offered on the higher end Tundras. I would think that they would need to have some sort of incentive to compete with the domestic brands. All of their full size trucks always have rebates. Toyota also revealed that they may fall short of their goal of selling 200,000 Tundras this year. If that is the case they may start to offer a small rebate on the rest of the models, just to keep them moving off the lots.

The only dealers offering the full rebate are the dealers in the Southeast. Other regions of the country are offering rebates from $250 – $1000.