Toyota Hints That the Matrix is No More…

Toyota’s Bill Fay has hinted that the Matrix is going to disappear from Toyota’s U.S. lineup.

Next year Toyota is going to release new versions of the Corolla, Tundra and Highlander models, but one model hasn’t been discussed. What’s going to happen to the Matrix? There have been rumors that the Matrix will not be replaced in the U.S., and now Toyota Division boss Bill Fay even hinted at it. “If we don’t have the Matrix, it won’t be the end of the world.”
The new 2014 Corolla is going to arrive by next fall and when that happens, it’s likely that the Matrix will disappear from Toyota’s U.S. lineup. Fay did say that the Matrix will continue to be sold in Canada.

Also if you’re wondering if Toyota will release a crossover that is smaller than the new 2013 RAV4, don’t count on it anytime soon. Even though Honda is going to release a new smaller crossover that will be based off the next Fit, Toyota has no such plans. “The RAV is as small as we want to get,” Fay said. “I am confident with where Toyota is with that. It meets all or most of our customer needs in that segment. We’re fine.”

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